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Rise of the Mandalorians (2.0)
Filename: rotm_20.zip

Date Added:
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173.2 MB
Forces of Corruption
Mods > FoC Mods

Average User Rating: 7.8
Number of Votes: 10
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Rise of the Mandalorians (2.0) - File Description  

  NOTE: This file has become outdated and there's a newer / better version available.
  You can still get this file but we suggest you have a look at the NEW / UPDATED VERSION first!

When I first heard about this mod I was a little apprehensive because I thought how much could you do with the Mandalorians. However, this is a total conversion mod that looks awesome and plays awesome. The new version 2.0 has fixed many bugs and from what I've played of it before writing this review, it plays even better than the first release.

I know that this release took a bit longer than it should have but here it is at last! It was worth the wait though, I promise. There really isn't much else to say than that. Just read the changelog and play it!!


  NOTE: This file has become outdated and there's a newer / better version available.
  You can still get this file but we suggest you have a look at the NEW / UPDATED VERSION first!

Rise of the Mandalorians (2.0) - Screenshots  
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Rise of the Mandalorians (2.0) - File Download Options  

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Rise of the Mandalorians (2.0) - Readme  
Readme File:
Readme File:

A mod for Forces of Corruption



To install, simply place the contained folder (RotM) into you Forces of Corruption, root directory "Mods" folder. ie: C:Program Files/Lucas Arts/Forces of Corruption/Mods

If you do not have one of these folders than create it yourself. After placing the contents in the correct place, move to contaned shortcut to your desktop and make sure that the "Target" is located to the place you put the files. The part at the end (MODPATH=Mods/RotM) MUST be included in order for the mod to load when the game does.

Simply delete all files to uninstall.

If you have other mod files in your FoC Data folder, these will override anything that's in the Mods folder, so remove them or this mod may not work correctly.



V 2.0:


*MC-30 only buildable from Mon Calimari
*Kedalbe Battleship only buildable from Mandalore
*Clawcraft are now only buidlable from Csilla
*Some planets in GC are now not free to take. IE: some planets that were previously left unclaimed at the start of a game are now controlled by Pirates, the Hutts, or the Chiss (more to come in later versions).
*Added the Imperial Escort Frigate, a light anti-corvette and support vessel that deploys TIE Hunters.
*Removed CC7700 Interdictor
*Removed Thes Cligris
*Removed Ace Azzemeen
*Replaced Moff Kain with Admiral Daala - New leader of the Imperial Remnant Faction
*Brought back Chewbacca
*Brought back Admiral Akbar
*Added Kirana Ti to the New Republic
*Added Zekk to the Imperial Remnant
*Added Brakiss to the Imperial Remnant
*Added the planet Csilla
*Added the planet Taloraan
*Removed Lt Stalgis
*Added Tamith Kai to Imperial Remnant
*Increased prices of most Mandalorian units and upgrades for balance
*Fixed an issue with units not appearing on the build bar because there were too many units
*Replaced Wraith Squadron with Rouge Squadron, lead by Gavin Darklighter
*Removed Saba from New Republic
*Tweaked projectiles from the old version so that they look and feel better (ie: speeds have been changed and they particle effects are enhanced a bit)
*Some ships have been scaled, again, to be closer to their 'actual' size
*Mandalorians now have their own pedistal for ground battle-rienforcment points (Thank you Warb Null!!)
*Gladiator Fighter squadrons now only have 3 fighters per squad
*Lusankya hardpoint targeting distances have been tweaked so that the Lusankya can actually fire all of it's guns at an enemy...
*Broadside Cruisers can now target specific hardpoints so that they are actually usefull when there are no enemy fighters around
*Marauder Criusers have had their missile launchers replaced with 4 turbolasers...as it should be! It still has very long range though...a sort-of 'sniper' unit, I guess
*Mandalorian faction now has an actual Mandalorian Protector that gives announcements in GC mode rather than the pirate soldier used before (uses Fett's model)
*Re-textured the Lictor-class cruiser because it desperately needed it
*All planets have had their textures re-done to higher rez and better quality all around
*Added some new, and tweaked existing nebula
*Added a custom Sun texture so that Tatooine space maps now display two suns...an obvious thing that Petro really should have done originally...two suns is sort-of the point of Tatooine, right?
*All new land map for Duxn (available in skirmish and GC modes)
*Impacting Plex missiles will now send dirt and debris flying everywhere...rather than just the generic, firey explosion
*Explosion crater textures have been re-done because the original sucked...
*Plex and other ground missiles now have smoke trails, rather than using the same blue trail as the concussion missiles in space
*Spawn houses on Ryloth will now spawn male Twi'Lekks as well as female
*AT-ST now shoots explosives out of the side-mounted gun
*Added IG-11's Mandalorian Buildpad to the game
*Artillery Squads are limited to one per squad
*Victory ISD has more hardpoints because 3 was lame for a VISD
*Infantry squads are now the default, squad. The "single-unit" setup that I had before was messing with squad behaviors and made deployment times aweful. This also applies to the 501st Legion and other Hero squads
*Added footfall SFX to the ATPT. Said unit will also leave footprints now too
*Mara Jade now flies a z-95 with landing variant
*More gameplay tweaks and other things that I don't remember.


V 1.00:

*Rebels now called, New Republic
*Empire now called, Imperial Remnant
*Consortium converted to Mandalorians
*Projectiles have been greatly altered in appearece and power as well as speed
*New particle effects have been added to give the game a more cinematic feel(ie: turbolasers and proton torps. will now explode on impact and LOTS of other stuff
*Powerups now have much subtler particle effects because the old ones detached from the cinematice effect IMHO
*All units have been re-sized to be as accurate as possible without taking up the entire map (or being so tiny that you can't see them)
*Many ship speeds (including hyperspace speeds for GC) have been altered to better reflect their actual speeds
*New music for battles and GC mode
*New voice and sound effects for new units
*HUGE land battle changes. All infantry squads now are broken into individual units. IE: A squad of Storm Troopers will deploy (for an example) 25 troops but each troop is its own entity and can be given seperate orders from the rest of the squad. This also allows for each, individual infantry to have it's own AI rather than the "Schooling" effect that you get when all troops in a squad have to move together. Because of the nature of squads and garrisoning, all untis that can garrison have had a very big increase in the amout of troops they can garrison (as the limit is set by quad and each individual soldier is now considered a squad)
*Lots of re-textures to make them higher-rez (Everything that's in my "Jeff's Texture Pack" series)
*In skirmish, all bombing runs and bombardments are now researched from the Comm. Array (except Mandalorians as their comm. array is part of the Palace). Each faction's air units are built here as well.
*Ground mechanics have been overhauled for realism. Infantry can't get shot over9000 times before finally dieing. It now takes only one or two shots to kill infantry but hand-gun accuraccy has been decreased for balance. Squad size has been increased to help compensate as well. Turrets have been adjusted as well. The Anti-infantry turret is no longer rapid-fire like before but fires only a couple shots at a time. Ground heroes have also been adjusted accordingly so that they aren't completely invinsible.
*In GC, the ability to corrupt planets has been taken away...it was annoying (subsequently. sabotage has been removed as well and that was even more annoying)
*Black Market has been removed. Mandalorians start will all of their tech but must have high startbase levels to build most of it. Most Mandalorian units are expensive to help compensate.
*Max starting credits for skirmish battles has been set to 20,000.
*Max population for space skirmish has been increased.
*AI has been buffed so be ready for longer battles!
*IMPORTANT!!!! In order to access many of the new skirmish space units for Empire and Rebels, you must play a space skirmish on one of the custom maps provided with the mod. This is because when I added the units, there were too many to fit onto the build bar for one space station. Therefore, the Empire and Rebels have had a second space station (of different appearence) added so that the new units can be built and the new station has only been added to my maps...not the vanilla ones.
*MANY other things that I'm either forgetting or Really don't want to explain...


Rebel Space-
*B-Wing( vertical s-foil lock)
*Chiss Clawcraft
*Bulwark Heavy Cruiser
*CC7700 Interdictor Frigate
*Nebulon-B Frigate(new model)
*Lusankya(Wedge Antillies)
*Otana-YT2000(Ace Azzameen)
*Birthright-YT1300(Thes Cligris)
*Errant Venture(Booster Terrik)
*Yellow Aces(Wes Janson)
*Cracken Flight Group(Pash Cracken)
*Wraith Squadron(Gerik Loran)

Rebel Land-
*Corran Horn(Jedi)
*Jaina Solo(Jedi)
*Kyle Katarn(Jedi)
*Mara Jade(Jedi)
*Saba Sabatne(Jedi)


Empire Space-
*Skipray Blastboat
*A9 Interceptor
*Assault Gunboat
*Dominator-class Star Destroyer
*Escort Carrier
*TIE Advanced
*TIE Avenger
*TIE Bomber MKII
*TIE Droid
*TIE Hunter
*Tyrant-class Star Destroyer
*Venator-class Star Destroyer
*181st TIE Interceptor Squadron(Soontir Fel)
*Wrack Interdictor Frigate(Admiral Mynar Devis)
*Chimeara Star Destroyer(Admiral Gilad Pellaeon)

Empire Land-
*501st Legion(Adv. Stormtrooper Squad)
*Lt. Stalgis(Stormtrooper Commando)
*Darktroopers(Now available without the Ark Hammer as that ship was destroyed by this time...yes, technically the Dark Troopers were too but I didn't want to get rid of them...)


Mandalorians(former Consortium) Space-
*Gladiator Assault Fighter
*Interceptor II
*Lictor-class Capital Ship
*Toskan 8Q
*Legacy of Duxn(Ram Zerimar)
*Mandalore's Wrath(Novoc Vevut)
*Adv. Gladiator Assault Fighter(Goran Beviin)
*Slave 1(Boba Fett-Mandalore)

Mandalorian(former Consortium) Land-
*Mandalorian Zealot
*Mandalorian Shock Troopers
*Mandalorian Spec. Opps Trooper
*Goran Beviin(Mandalorian Commando)
*Ram Zerimar(Mandalorian Commando)
*Boba Fett(Mandalore)


Rebel Space-
*Rouge Squadron
*Admiral Akbar
*Millenium Falcon(Chewie only. Still playable with Han)

Rebel Land-


Empire Space-
*Executor SSD
*Emperor Palpatine
*Grand Moff Tarkin(Replaced with Moff Ardus Khain...pardon my misspelling...)
*Accuser Star Destroyer(Captian Piett)
*Slave 1(Boba Fett. Now given to Mandalorians)
*Vengeance Star Destroyer(Grand Admiral Thrawn)
*Death Star

Empire Land-
*Darth Vader
*Emperor Palpatine
*Boba Fett(Now given to Mandalorians)
*Blizzard 1(Col. Veers)


Mandalorians(former Consortium) Space-
*Skipray Blastboat(Now given to Empire)
*Peacebringer(was Tyber Zhann, is now renamed Mandalore's Wrath with Novoc Vevut)

Mandalorians(former Consortium) Land-
*Tyber Zhann
*Underworld Merc. Squad
*Defiler(changed to Mandalorian Spec. Opps)
*Vornskr Wolf Pack



As with all mods, please don't take my stuff without permission. If you want to use any of this content in another mod, please e-mail me and we can work something out. Not all of this content is mine to give either so contact me and I can tell you who to get permission from if something isn't originally mine. Don't just copy and paste from the credits either...I've been known to make mistakes and some modders like to stay informed about their own stuff anyway.

I am not liable in any way for ANY damage, loss of data, virus, maleware, or any other harm that may come to your computer by using this mod. Though, frankly, if you get any of that from this than I would be very suprised...



*There have been many reports of Version 1.0 icons displaying randomly across the screen. I still have no idea what causes this problem and therefore cannot create a fix for it. If you are experienceing this problem, feel free to e-mail me with you computer specs., install directory of the mod, and any other info that you think might be useful. THERE IS NO FIX YET...unless it is randomly fixed in this version and I just don't know it!

*My map editor is doing some stange thing where it adds characters and symbols to the filesaves of my maps...this means that map names will not always be correct or will have some kind of weird symbols in them. This also means that the 'battle loading' screens may not correctly display the right planet info.

*Akbar Corran and Wedge will not appear in GC mode. I think this has something to do with the amount of heroes allowed per the GUI files and stuff. I'm looking in to fixing it and will patch as soon as I can.



E-mail bugs, bug fixes, permission requests, suggestions, or comments to: jeff@jefferycheney.com



*Avenger85/Warlords: TIE Hunter and TIE Droid

*Major_A_Payne: Chiss Clawcraft and TIE Bomber MkII (Original CGI mesh created by Mike Bullian (mikebullian@hotmail.com). Complete mesh rebuild by Major A Payne. Textures from renderings of the Tie Interceptor originally created by James Bassett.)

*EvilleJedi: Lusankya model

*Bailknight: Lusankya rigging and BTL K-Wing

*THX1138: Lusankya texture

*Jedi_Consular: Re exporting fixed textures to Bailknight SSD Lusankya

*Codeuser: For the Sith Fighter and Lictor-class models from Ages of Start Wars. Krayt-class Ion-impact particle effect, Imperial Escort Frigate, Reb. Infiltrator model, and land death-clones from the FX mod. and the ATPT model which is used in the latest release of z3r0x's mod. And last but not least, the republic cruiser models from AoSW used in the Duxn land map. Extra big, special thanks to you and your mod team for all that stuff!! Your generosity is MUCH appriciated :)

*Phoenix Rising: For the Republic Deadnaught model, Assault Gunboat, Dominator Destroyer, A-9 Interceptor, TIE-Avenger, VenatorISD, Tyrant-classISD, Bulwark Cruiser, and E-wing. Please support this guy because his stuff rocks and this mod wouldn't be half of what it!! Visit his website here: http://www.eawpr.net/

*Omega Mod Group: Mandalorian Zealot

*Daimonoth: Code from the Jagged Squadrons mod

*Warb Null: Mandalorian-faction Pedastal

*IG-11: Mandalorian Buildpad model and texture

*Sidious_Invader: Tenal Ka model (used as Kirana Ti), Darth Rage model (used as Zekk), Jaina Solo model (also used as Mara)

*Damned Machine aka Tony: Re-rigged Victory Star Destroyer

*Mr_Phelps: Z-95 landing variant

As always, if you feel that you have been left out or miscredited than let me know and things shall be corrected.

Rise of the Mandalorians (2.0) - User Comments  
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